Syllabus for BC Physics 2001 - Mechanics, Fall 2006




Dr. Stiliana Savin

Altschul Hall, Room 502.


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Title:                Fundamentals of Physics, Vol. 1, 7th edition.

Author:            Halliday, Resnick, Walker.

Publisher:        John Wiley and Sons, Inc.



Additional reading


The following texts are recommended, but not required:


  1. Student Study Guide for Fundamentals of Physics, Seventh Edition

2.   Principles of Physics, by Serway R., 4th edition, John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

3.   Mathematical Methods for Introductory Physics with Calculus, by Davidson, Ronald C., 3rd edition, Saunders College Publishing





This course covers topics from classical mechanics and dynamics. We will be concerned with the motion of big, slow moving objects, that is, what we observe in our everyday life. Work, energy and conservation laws will offer an alternative approach to analyzing motion. Properties and motion of waves will also be covered. When appropriate, recent advances in physics research will be presented. 









Tentative Schedule


Date                                                    Topic


Sept. 5                                                 Welcome to Mechanics, Motion Along a Straight Line

Sept. 7                                                 Motion Along a Straight Line - Cont.


Sept. 12                                               Vectors

Sept. 14                                               Motion in Two and Three Dimensions


Sept. 19                                               Motion in Two and Three Dimensions

Sept. 21                                               Force and Motion, Newton's Laws


Sept. 26                                               Force and Motion - Some Particular Forces

Sept. 28                                               Force and Motion - Frictional and Drag Forces


Oct. 3                                                  Kinetic Energy and Work

Oct. 5                                                  Kinetic Energy and Work - Cont.


Oct. 10                                                            Exam 1

Oct. 12                                                            Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy


Oct. 17                                                            Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy - Cont.

Oct. 19                                                            Center of Mass and Linear Momentum                     


Oct. 24                                                            Center of Mass and Linear Momentum - Cont.

Oct. 26                                                            Rotation


Oct. 31                                                Rotation - Cont.

Nov. 2                                                 Torque and Angular Momentum                   


Nov. 7                                                 No Class

Nov. 9                                                 Torque and Angular Momentum - Cont.


Nov. 14                                               Equilibrium and Elasticity

Nov. 16                                               Exam 2


Nov. 21                                               Gravitation

Nov. 23                                               No Class                                             


Nov. 28                                               Gravitation - Cont.                                         

Nov. 30                                               Oscillations


Dec. 5                                                  Wrap-up and Review             

Dec. 7                                                  Wrap-up and Review









There will be two midterm exams and a final exam. The tentative midterm exam dates are October 10 and November 16.


Course work


You will have about 10 homework assignments throughout the semester. Homework assignments will be handed out in class. Late homework will not be accepted. Homework will be graded and will contribute to your final grade.




This course has a lab component. Lab sections are assigned during the first week of classes. Experiments usually start in the third week of classes. Please, refer to the Lab manual for schedule and lab policies.




Your work throughout the entire semester will contribute to your final grade as follows: Final exam 35%; Midterm exams 20% each; Homework assignments 10%; Lab 15%.