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Genre Polar Fiction (Lost Cities, Monsters, Aliens, Nazis, Russians, nukes, viruses, 'Cli-fi', graphic novels, etc )

PoleYearTitleAuthor Comment Theme
N 1818 Frankenstein Mary Shelley the original!
S 1885 Revi-Lona Frank Cowan all-female society in Antarctica
N 1893 Under the Sea to the North Pole Pierre Mael Reissued 2009; Trans. from French, original title 'A French Woman at the North Pole'.
N 1901 THYRA: A Romance of the Polar Pit Robert Ames Bennet 4 explorers in hot air balloon crash in Arctic and find Norse colony and dinosaurs. Reprinted in 2009, 2011
S 1901 Beyond the Great South Wall Frank Sayvile reissued in 2015; search for source of ancient coins leads to Antarctica
S 1907 The Immortal Light John Mastin Reissued 2015; polar explorers find advanced beings at the South Pole
S 1909 Penguin Island Anatole France Trans. from French; penguins suddenly change into men
N/S 1910 To the Poles by Airship Alfred E Mason Fictional round the world trip to both poles
N/S 1910 The Sky-Man Henry K Webster Airship pilot meets young woman looking for her explorer father in the Arctic. Republished in 2018.
N 1927 The Light From Sealonia Arthur Barker Arctic civilizations, "one good - populated by religious green-eyed blotchy people, one bad - populated by dark & lovely alcoholic hedonists"
S Jan 1928 In Amundsen's Tent John Martin Leahy in Weird Tales, online? here. First polar aliens?
S 1929 The Great Adventure John Taine Lost worlds & dinosaurs under Antarctica. Many reprints including in Famous Fantastic Mysteries in 1944, & a 1959 Ace paperback with a cover of a blonde escaping from a dinosaur.
N Feb, Mar 1931 Phalanxes of Atlans F. Van Wyck Mason novella in Astounding Stories serial, lost Atlantis in the Arctic. Reprinted in 2010
S 1932 Beyond the Rim S. Fowler Wright Under the Antarctic ice, three British travelers discover a lost civilization descended from 17th-c religious fanatics, & must fight to save themselves from being burned as heretics. Reprinted in 2009.
N June 1933 Doc Savage: The Polar Treasure Kenneth Robeson Pulp serial from the 1930s. Lost treasure in the Arctic icecap. Doc Savage had a secret hideout in the Arctic 'Fortress of Solitude' (before Superman). Reissued 2007.
S 1935 Dian of the Lost Land Edison Marshall Lost Cro-Magnons & Neanderthals in Antarctica. Reprinted in pulp serial Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Apr 1949, cover here. Reprinted in 2008
N Mar 1935 Doc Savage: Land of Always Night Kenneth Robeson Underground civilization in hollow earth in the Arctic. Reissued 2007.
S Oct 1936 Doc Savage: The South Pole Terror Lester Dent Amusing cover here, showing the Doc & character Velma Crane, the 'outstanding he-woman of the day', noted for her lack of interest in men; a famous aviatrix who found gold in Antarctica. Reissued in 2007.
S Feb, Mar, Apr 1936 At the Mountains of Madness H. P. Lovecraft lost city in Antarctica. Written in 1931, serialized in Astounding Stories. Cover here. Many reprints.
S Aug 1938 Who Goes There? John Campbell novella in Astounding Stories serial, the basis of "The Thing" movies. Not on the cover! many reprints, including in 2009.
S Feb 1938 The Fatal Quadrant Arthur Burks novella in Astounding Stories serial; robots explore Antarctica, rebel against the humans, and find lost race under the ice
S 1940 At the Mountains of Murkiness Arthur C Clarke parody of Lovecraft, originally in a fanzine but since reprinted in a few collections
N 1941-47 Nelvana of the Northern Lights Adrian Dingle Canada's first comic book superhero, & the world's first female superhero. Based on Inuit legends, Nelvana was the daughter of the king of the northern lights & wore a miniskirt while battling Nazis. She lived among the Eskimos, could turn into dry ice, travelled at the speed of light, & could become invisible by blending in with the Aurora Borealis. One cover here
S 1945 The Man Who Missed the War David Wheatley Antarctic lost race attacked by Atlantean survivors
S 1949 The Survivors = The White South Hammond Innes whaling factory ship stuck in Antarctic ice with murderer aboard
S 1949 White City Paralee Sweeten Sutton telepathic advanced lost race near South Pole
S 1950 The Secret of the South John E. Gurdon Lost race 'Polarians', Hollow Earth, Antarctica
S 1953 The Space Merchants F. Pohl, C. Kornbluth partly in Antarctica
S 1953 At the South Pole Steve Muffatti Casper the Friendly Ghost wants friends at the South Pole
S 1954 Pawn in Jeopardy Adam Hall (Elleston Trevor) Many years later, members of a 1952 Antarctic expedition are murdered one by one
S 1955 Reprieve from Paradise H. Chandler Elliot 2000 years after nuclear war, survivors in Polynesia vs those in Antarctica. Amusing cover here
S 1956 Penguin for Your Thoughts Casper brings baby penguin to the South Pole
S 1957 The Superbrain of Jimmy Olsen Superman Comic Superman prevents the Earth from blowing apart by adding mass to the south pole
S Sept 1957 At Home Among the Stars E. K. Jarvis cover story in Fantastic Science Fiction; aliens visit IGY Antarctica
N 1957 The Frozen Year James Blish Arctic explorer makes major discovery
S 1957 The 13th Immortal Robert Silverberg first novel by this famed SF writer, reprinted in 2004 & 2009. Antarctic empire in postwar Earth.
S 1958 Inter Ice Age 4 Kobo Abe JAPANESE, Eng. Trans. pub in 1970. In the future, the polar ice caps are melting, Japanese scientists experiment to create mutated fetuses that can live in an underwater Japan.
S 1958 Ordeal by Innocence Agatha Christie Explorer returns from Antarctica to find he's the alibi for a convicted & deceased murder suspect but missed the trial. Family murder whodunit, no action in Antarctica.
S 1960 The Falkland Islands Mystery Sea Lion Nazis take over the Falkland Islands
S 1962 A Grue of Ice Geoffrey Jenkins Thriller set in Antarctica (US title The Disappearing Island)
N 1963 Ice Station Zebra Alistair Maclean Arctic expedition needs rescue
N 1963 The Unforgiving Wind John Harris oil fire at a British meteorological station built on an ice floe in the Arctic Sea. Movie version has Rock Hudson.
N 1964 Day The Oceans Overflowed Charles Fontenay
S 1964 Fukkatsu no Hi Sakyo Komatsu in Japanese; Everyone on Earth dies except for people in Antarctica. Japan/US film version in 1980. English translation in 2012 ('Virus')
S 1965 Antarctic Secret Michael Barrett Russia crashes US/British space capsule to Antarctica
S 1965 The Red Dust Bee Baldwin NZ: Mad scientist nukes Antarctica to release proteinous red dust which spreads around the world & kills almost everyone, in order to make money off his antidote. Small group of immune survivors in NZ conclude they're the morally superior next step in evolution.
S 1967 Monday at McMurdo David Burke US Congressman in plane crash in Antarctica
S 1967 The White Mantle Maurice Owen NZ?, meteors cool Earth & the icecaps spread. USA & China build spaceships to send youths & white & Chinese women impregnated by the other 'race' to Alpha Centauri. All others are supposed to die quietly. Much racial anxiety expressed.
S 1967 Farewell to the Bomb Augustus C. Webb demon in human form collects 50,000 people in underground cave system in Antarctica & prepares to nuke Earth. Story jumps all over & makes little sense. Vantage Press (oldest US self-pub co)
S 1969 The Ice Admiral Jack McClenaghan attempt to rescue a dying man during winter in McMurdo Sound
S 1969 The Ice Schooner Michael Moorcock icy wasteland of post-apocolyptic Earth. Revised in 1977 and 1985
S 1969 Indoctrinaire Christopher Priest Biochemist taken from secret pharmaceutical lab in Antarctica & brought to post-nuclear war future, did his discovery contribute to the world chaos? Mostly in Brazil, begins & ends in Antarctica.
S 1969 Horsemen from Nowhere Aleksandr and Sergei Abramov RUSSIAN, Soviet Antarctic expedition meets aliens who are duplicating humans & technology, & stealing the polar ice cap. Still in print in English!
S 1969 Last Continent Edmund Cooper 2000 yrs after Earth self-destructed in a race war, descendants of the Black people who left for Mars return to find white descendents of a science station surviving in a now tropical Antarctica.
N 1971 A Cage of Ice Duncan Kyle CIA tries to stop Russian plot to melt polar ice caps
N 1971 North Cape Joe Poyer Russian vs American agents search for downed spy plane in Arctic Norway
N 1971 Bear Island Alistair MacLean murder of movie crew on Arctic island
S 1971 East of Desolation Jack Higgins Plane crashes in Cape Desolation, Greenland
S 1973 The Ice People Rene Barjavel FRENCH; 100,000 yr old Earth civilization at South Pole. English trans. is first Antarctic novel I remember ever reading as a kid
N 1973 Target 5 Colin Forbes Soviet defector on icepack near Greenland
N 1974 Rage Under the Arctic Basil Jackson Submarine oil tanker causes massive spill in the arctic
N 1974 The Ice Goddess Paul Edwards missing scientist leads to 'abominable sisterhood' found in the Arctic
S 1975 Symbol of Vengeance David Mariner in Antarctica (?)
S 1975 The Star Web George Zebrowski UN research team finds 100,000 yr old spaceship buried in the ice in Antarctica, it takes them to the Star-web
N 1975 Spoil! Ernest Perrault oil derrick near North Pole catches on fire
N 1975 Iceberg Clive Cussler Yacht headed to meet with White House found burned inside an iceberg
N 1975 Night Without End Alistair MacLean airliner crashes on the Greenland Icecap near a scientific station
S 1976 The HAB Theory Allan Eckert End of the world apocalyptic (Christian?) sci-fi
S 1976 Dr Who and the 10th Planet Gerry Davis novelization of BBC TV show, robotic Cybermen arrive at the South Pole
N 1976 Death Merchant: The Zemlya Expedition Joseph Rosenberger Russians build undersea city in Arctic, Americans infiltrate
N 1976 Leviathan John Gordon Davis man wants to destroy Russian whaling ship
N 1976 Whiteout! Duncan Kyle sabotage at Arctic military camp
N/S 1977 Black As the Pit, From Pole to Pole Steven Utley & Howard Waldrop novella orig. pub in New Dimensions 7 & reprinted in several other anthologies; Frankenstein goes to Siberia & travels through the Hollow Earth to Antarctica
N 1977 Phase Three Alert John Ball In the 1970s, air force pilot discovers plane crashed during WWII in Thule. Reissued in 2014.
N 1977 Death Merchant: The Pole Star Secret Joseph Rosenberger Russians set up secret arctic base to study weather control
S 1977 Antarctic Raider William McLaughlin Nazis try to steal British and Norwegian whaling ships
S 1977 So Thin is the Line William McLaughlin Sequel to above
S 1978 Ice James Follett Giant iceberg escapes from Antarctica, heads north & threatens NYC. Rewritten as Second Atlantis in 1998.
S 1978 The Moon Pool John B Ballem Thriller on Canadian Arctic oil rig
N 1978 Cold is the Sea Edward Beach American vs Russian submarines in the Arctic ocean
N 1979 Death Merchant: Op. Mind Murder Joseph Rosenberger Russians conducting nasty medical experiments on WWII prisoners on Arctic island
N 1979 Ice Bomb Zero Nick Carter chinese base below Arctic ice
N 1979 Ice Brothers Sloan Wilson US coast guard in Greenland in WWII. Reissued in 2018
N 1979 Poseiden's Shadow A. P. Kobryn US submarine in Soviet Arctic waters
S 1979 Icequake Crawford Kilian Sudden global climate change catastrophe, stranding people at New Shackleton Station in Antarctica
S 1979 Storehouses of the Snow Ed Woodard & Heather Woodard Bischoff worldwide disaster as the Antarctic ice sheet melts
S 1979 White for Danger David Stevens search for secret Russian base in Antarctica
S 1979 Down to a Sunless Sea David Graham A 747 in flight during the sudden nuclear apocalypse looks for a place to land for survival- & ends up in Antarctica. Different ending in British version?
S 1979 Hungry as the Sea Wilbur Smith Cruise ship stranded in south Atlantic seas, reprinted 1999
S 1980 Dr Who and the Seeds of Doom Phillip Hinchcliffe from TV series; alien pods uncovered in Antarctica
S 1980 White Continent David Poyer Reissued 2015; suspense, conquering Antarctica for fuel
N/S 1980 6th Winter D. Orgill & J Gribb The coming Ice Age...
S 1980 Death in a Cold Climate Robert Barnard murder in Tromso, Norway
S 1980 Icescape Gerry Nolan AUS, plane crash in Antarctica
S 1980 Frozen Heart Daphne Clair Spunky young female Kiwi journalist winters in Antarctica & 'defrosts' the icy macho station commander. Mills & Boon
S 1980 Genesis W. A. Harbinson first book in series of FIVE about UFOs in Antarctica. Re-issued in 2011
S 1980 An Enemy of the State Paul Wilson Brief polar: Photosynthetic cattle in Antarctica are the new food source, grown with the help of orbiting space mirrors reflecting down sunlight. 1st in series of 5 about a galactic empire of Earth...
S 1981 Fire Below Zero Nico Mastorakis & Barnaby Conrad cover shows an 'American James Bond' with gun, plus nukes, glaciers, & babes
S 1981 Alaskan Crude Bernerd Engel Russian sabotage of Alaskan oil pipeline
S 1981 Big Ice Wilfred McNeilly Iceberg towed from Antarctica to Saudi Arabia
N 1981 Death in a High Latitude J. R. L. Anderson Kidnapped oil magnate in Arctic
S 1982 Operation: McMurdo Sound Nick Carter biological nerve gas kills people at South Pole
N 1982 Athabasca Alistair MacLean sabotage in Canadian and Alaskan ice fields
S 1982 A Ravel of Waters Geoffrey Jenkins Ship captain murdered
S 1982 Lost Valley Dudley Bromley secret expedition time travels in Antarctica
N 1982 Flight 902 is Down Hal Fishman new weapons system brings down an American airliner in the Russian arctic
N 1983 Whitefire Glover Wright Russians discover old Nazi arctic weather station-and missiles
N 1983 The Ice Raid Richard Cox alternate cold war history, Russia takes over Spitsbergen and threatens Europe
S 1983 The Last Blue Erik van Ees "whale hunting and sea adventure in Antarctica"
S 1983 The Last Gasp Trevor Hoyle Antarctic scientist discovers that Earth is running out of Oxygen. Recently optioned for film script.
S 1984 Airship Nine Thomas Block ressued 2012; Antarctic residents only survivors of nuclear war
S 1984 Under the Freeze George Bartram sunken ship in Antarctica with Russian plutonium
S 1984 The Antarctic Cookbook Crispin Kitto superchef dreams of going to Antarctica
S 1984 South of the Sun Laurie Paige Young psych grad student goes to Antarctica, falls for expedition leader who goes hot & cold before finally proposing. She declines, departs, but accepts when he returns to the US, & they head off to winter-over at South Pole. Silly but at least she's not 'icy'.
S Aug. 1984 Batman: Antarctic Nightmare Doug Moench Batman chases the Penguin to Antarctica
N/S 1984 Circumpolar Richard Lupoff on an alternate Earth, famous aviators compete in a circumpolar race, & meet undiscovered civilizations
N 1985 Icebreaker John Gardner James Bond on Ice, chasing neo-Nazis in the Arctic
N 1985 Northlight Adam Hall American submarine destroyed in Russian arctic waters
S 1985 Death Merchant: The Atlantean Horror Joseph Rosenberger Russians vs Americans in Antarctica & a prediction of nuclear holocaust dating back to the lost city of Atlantis
S 1985 White Death Nick Carter US & Soviet agents chase a genocidal Russian scientist in Antarctica. Killmaster #203
S 1985 Falklands Gambit Bob Langley US & Argentine agents at hidden Antarctic death camp
S 1985 Seize the Wind John Gordon Davis airship to Antarctica to rescue people from a plane crash on the Beardmore glacier
S 1986 Red Ice N. Barker, A. Masters Russian terrorists in Antarctic waters
S 1986 Cold Sea Rising Richard Moran Ross Ice Shelf splits off & drifts to NY, with a Russian military base on it
S 1986 Watchmen Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons finale features Antarctica, movie version in 2009
S 1986 This Is the Way The World Ends James Morrow Six survivors of worldwide nuclear apocalypse are brought to Antarctica & put on trial
N 1986 Pipeline Milt Machlin Building the Alaska pipeline
N 1986 Patterson's Volunteers John Smith American military squadron disappears over Greenland
S 1986 Overflight Charles Neider Depressed history professor is the lone survivor of plane crash into Mt Erebus; he returns to Antarctica to help scatter the ashes- & his helicopter crashes into the mountain
N 1987 Silent Hunter Charles Taylor Russian vs American submarines in arctic waters off of Norway
N 1988 Death Merchant: The Greenland Mystery Joseph Rosenberger Americans vs Russians at a US secret polar weather station which found an alien city buried under the ice cap
N 1988 Treasure Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt tracks treasures of Alexandria, including to Greenland
S 1988 The Icemen: A Novel of Antarctica M. E. Morris Nazis, Arab terrorists, biological warfare
S 1988 Perfidious Perils of Pusillanimous Prankster Chuck Pfarrer Superman: Supergirl found in Antarctica
N 1988 Murder in a Cold Climate Scott Young YA; Inuk Canadian Mountie investigates murder of Native rights spokeman, first of 2
S 1988 Days of Starlight Craig Harrison NZ: at an Antarctic base with racial tension, a powerful crystal is found, left behind by aliens who have been recording human history. And apparently, the aliens are humanoid, & Black... A good one, but OP, hard to find.
N 1988 Wolf Winter Claire Francis thriller with Norwegians, Russians, and Finns in Lapland in the early 1960s
N 1989 Under the Ice Richard Henrick cold war techno in Arctic
N 1989 Red Arctic Richard Rohmer in Canadian and Russian Arctic
S 1989 The Last Ship William Brinkley after global nuclear war, the last sub heads to Antarctica
S 1989 The Eighth Trumpet Jon Land Technothriller, around the world including Antarctica
S 1989 False Cross Stephen Forbes Polar scientist & defecting Russian woman face danger in Antarctica. Reprinted (self-pub) in 2009
S Oct 1989 Antarctic Solitude Jurgens Perez Adventures of Superman, no 459
N 1990 Northern Edge Barbara Quick young woman impulsively joins ecological research group in Alaska
N/S 1990 The Hollow Earth Rudy Rucker 'The Narrative of Mason Algiers Reynolds of Virginia'; tribute to 19th c hollow Earth tales of Poe, Verne, etc
S 1990 The Red Death Max Marlow mysterious disease threatens southern hemisphere. Pseudonym of Christopher and Diane Nicole
S 1990 Cold Dead: Super Phoenix Force, No 3 Gar Wilson illegal nuclear testing in Antarctica
N 1990 The Child Garden Geoff Ryman with genetically advanced human (and lesbian) polar bears
S 1990 Justice League Antarctica Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis temporary branch of Justice League America
S 1991 Stranger Suns George Zebrowski Alien spaceship found buried in the ice in Antarctica takes the exploration team around the universe and to alternate Earths (expanded & revised version of The Star Web from 1975)
S 1991 Precipice Bob Langley crashed Soviet weapons satellite activated under Antarctic ice
S 1991 The Ice Louis Charbonneau US conglomerate vs Antarctic scientists over oil spill
S 1991 Dream Maker W.A. Harbinson alien virus causes hole in Ozone layer & makes people see ghosts, visions of the dead, & UFOs
N 1991 Murder on the Iditarod Trail Sue Henry first in a continuing series of Alaska mysteries
N 1991 Raise the Red Dawn Bart Davis techno-thriller, Russian sub frozen in arctic ice cap
S 1991 Hatching Stones Anna Wilson in a future world with reproduction by cloning, the men kept Britain & exiled the women to an Antarctic island.
S 1991 Antarctic Fury S. Livingston US and Russia fight over oil found near McMurdo
S 1991 The Thing From Another World Chuck Pfarrer Dark Horse Comics, 2 parts
S 1992 The Thing: Climate of Fear Chuck Pfarrer Dark Horse Comics, 4 parts
S 1992 Isvik Hammond Innes Ghost ship in Antarctic Ice
N 1992 Voyage of the Devilfish Michael DiMercurio techno-thriller, Russian sub beneath arctic
N 1992 WW III: Arctic Front Ian Slater American tanks vs Siberian Republic
N 1992 A Cold Day for Murder Dana Stabenow First in a continuing series of >20 books about a native female detective in Alaska
S 1992 Freeze Frame David Smith AUS; French attack eco-terrorists with assistance from Brazil to cover up their secret mining operation in Antarctica
S 1993 The Thing: Questionable Research David de Vries Dark Horse Comics, a parallel reality where MacReady is not around to stop the Thing & it escapes to NZ.
N 1993 Smilla's Sense of Snow Peter Hoeg DANISH; became intl. bestseller in English, meteorites in Arctic
S 1993 Thunder of Erebus Payne Harrison Antarctic cold war techno-thriller
N 1993 Murder Most Grizzly Elizabeth Quinn First in a series of mysteries about a female Anchorage-based investigator for the Wild America Society
N 1993 Arctic Peril Max Marlow airliner crash in far North, survivors battle weather & a murderous Eskimo
S 1993 Iceberg David Banks 'The New Dr Who Adventures'; the evil Cybermen return, & fight the people trying to save Earth based in Antarctica
S 1993 El Sindrome de Scott Raul Guerra Garrido in Spanish; murder in Antarctica
S 1994 Ice Wolf Richard Henrick old Nazis looks for buried treasure in Antarctic cave
S 1994 Target Antarctica Hammond Innes Hercules airplane stuck on iceberg
S 1994 Groom Unknown Kathy Clark scientist goes to Antarctica-in a wedding gown-to marry station commmander, known only through email (bad old days pre-sexting). Oops, he's a colleague who thought her icy. After 'angry kisses' & vodka-soaked nights in a shack on the Ice, she's 'defrosted' & in love. Gross! Reissued for Kindle as `Cold Feet Warm Heart.'
S 1994 White Night William Lovejoy South American terrorists vs U.N. in Antarctica
S 1994 Anti-Ice Stephen Baxter 19th c alternate history; energy source `anti-ice' from a meteor found at South Pole
S 1994 Hot Planet Michael Burns 80 deg in Antarctica, Ice Sheets collapsing, ozone layer gone, eco-terrorists blow up oil refineries & Americans shoot each other at gas station queues
N 1994 The Iceberg Peter Tonkin nuclear waste from an accident hidden in the arctic ocean is mixed into an iceberg brought south to relieve drought
S 1994 Troubling a Star Madeleine L'Engle YA, teenage girl travels to Antarctica, finds mystery
N 1994 The Empire of Ice Richard Moran new ice age is set off by undersea volcano which engulfs northern countries, including Britain
S 1995 Earth Winter Richard Moran sequel to above, southern countries work to keep northern ones in the ice
N 1995 Icebound Dean Koontz Arctic experiment
S 1995 Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica John C Batchelor
N 1995 Red Ice R. Karl Largent Russians, weapons, Arctic
N 1995 Towing Jehovah James Morrow SciFi; the Vatican hires an unemployed tanker driver to tow Gods body to a tomb in an Arctic cave
S 1995 The Horrorist: Antarctica Jamie Delano and David Lloyd DC Comics, Part I Dec 1995 Part II Jan 1996
N 1995 Woman Who Married a Bear John Straley First in a series of mysteries about a PI in Sitka, Alaska
S 1995 Neon Genesis Evangelion Yoshiyuki Sadamoto JAPAN, Manga. 1st in a series of 11 Vol. Antarctica hit with mysterious explosion, ice evaporated, sea levels rose 60m, half of humanity died, etc
S 1996 Purgatory Road Rob Reiss murder, sabotage at Antarctic station
S 1996 High Latitudes James Buchan CEO's ex is stranded in Antarctica
N 1996 Blackwater Kerstin Ekman murder in remote Swedish village
S 1996 Magazine Beach Lewis Gannett Psycho Antarctic scientist & psychiatrist wife become eco-terrorists & detonate nukes under Antarctica
S 1996 Map of Power Tess Williams AUS; futurist feminist fantasy fiction, Antarctica
S 1996 Whiteout Sage Walker Antarctica only clean place in eco-ravaged Earth
S 1996 Eternity Base Bob Mayer Govt worker and reporter sister find a secret military base while searching for their lost father in Antarctica. Reissued in 2012
N 1996 Bad Wisdom B Drummond & Mark Manning two guys travel to the North Pole to sacrifice an icon of Elvis Presley
S 1996 Shock Wave Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt tracks Australian diamonds, including to the Weddell sea
S 1997 Area 51 (book 1) Robert Doherty Nine alien spacecraft discovered in Antarctica, first in a long series
N 1997 Sacrament Clive Barker gay nature photographer mauled by polar bear
S 1997 Field of Thunder Rose Flem-Ath thriller includes Antarctic island
N 1997 Arctic Fire Keith Douglass cold war thriller, US vs Russia on Aleutian Islands
S 1997 Phantom: Mission to Antarctica Frew Publications AUS
S 1997 Choosers of the Slain James Cobb Argentina invades Antarctica
S 1997 Carnivore Leigh Clark Antarctic station manager radiates dinosaur egg found in the ice. T-rex hatches, grows fast, & eats everyone, except for the only woman, a whining icy biologist who gets too attached to the T-rex. (& she 'defrosts.') Awful!
S 1997 The Temple of Hashem Hyam Yona Becker ISRAEL; UN gives Israel a sliver of Antarctica. Religious archaeologist from Israel & Jewish Eskimo from Greenland find a temple of Hashem in the ice, complete with Torah scrolls & lost races. Did Judaism come from the nice primitives, the nasty primitives, or the 8 ft purple aliens there? Anti-science too. Triple oi vey!
S 1997 Shiver Nikki Gemmell AUS; journalist travels by ship to Antarctica; finds love
N 1997 Love on the Line Laura DeHart Young first in series of 3 about a female park ranger in Barrow Alaska
S 1997 Midnight Tales of Torment Kitt Gerrard Bisexual British secret agent captured by Russians & sent to Antarctica for explicit sex experiments, eventually she escapes to American base, & more sex. Polar porn!
S 1997 Ice Reich William Dietrich WWII-era adventure; Nazis, Antarctica, bio-weapons
S 1998 Second Atlantis James Follett Giant iceberg escapes from Antarctica, heads north & threatens NYC. Rewritting of Ice (1978).
S 1998 Icefire Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens Chinese melt Antarctica & set off a tidal wave
N 1998 Deadly Exposure Leonard Goldberg giant glittering northern iceberg releasing a deadly 65-million-year-old toxin
S 1998 Antarctica Kim S. Robinson In Antarctica soon after the Treaty expired: secret drilling for oil, various groups of people trying to live there 'off the land', eco-terrorists attacking the oil drillers, & McMurdo 'Big Dead Place' workers organize. Better writing & more complex than most.
S 1998 Godzilla at World's End Marc Carasini teenage scientists & Army Rangers join forces with Godzilla to battle ancient crystalline monsters found under the ice in Antarctica
S 1998 Icewall William Gagliani Two men isolated at Antarctic base, one going `psycho'; pub. in 'Robert Bloch's Psychos'. Republished in 2010 ebook collection by author 'Shadowplays'.
S 1998 Cythera Richard Calder 'iatrogenic psychiatrist' and virtual reality ghost wander the city complex of Antarctica. cyber-punk
S 1998 The Hell That is Ice James Markert Satan's grandson uses portals from his base at the South Pole to commit murder & mayhem around the world. Different from most! (We would have liked those portals when wintering-over).
S 1999 Atlantis Found Clive Cussler genetically engineered descendants of Nazis find advanced Lost City of Atlantis in Antarctica; plot to destroy Earth
N 1999 Arctic Legacy Loretta Jackson & Vickie Britton mystery on old sea freighter in Alaskan arctic
N 1999 Hunter James Byron Huggins govt secret experiments lead to ape-like beast in Alaska
S 1999 Powerdown Peter Tonkin Antarctic supply ship investigates the murder of an astronaut testing a new super spacesuit in Antarctica
S 1999 Ice Station Matthew Reilly AUS; French vs Americans over alien spaceship buried in Antarctica
S 1999 Subterranean James Rollins a telepathic race of humanlike marsupials beneath Mt Erebus
S 1999 The Ice Breaker Incident Rayford Hammond murder in Antarctica
N 1999 White Sky, Black Ice Stan Jones Inupiat state trooper in Alaska solves mysteries; first in series of 4
N 1999 Season of Death Christopher Lane An Inupiat Eskimo Mystery; first of a series of 5
S 1999 Whiteout Greg Rucka graphic novel, female US Marshall in Antarctica; Movie in 2009
S 1999 Whiteout: Melt Greg Rucka sequel to Whiteout
S 1999 The Martians Kim Stanley Robinson in the first story Antarctica, a psychologist trains people in Antarctica for their upcoming work on Mars
S 1999 The Business Iain Banks has keyword '3. Antarctica-fiction' on title page so pops up in database searches, but ONLY relevance is 3 statements that the company has an Antarctic base. A dud.
S 1999 Surfing Antarctica Lianie Shavian AUS; making a film about eco-sabotage, minimal about Antarctica
N 2000 Kilo Class Patrick Robinson US vs Russian vs Chinese submarines in the Arctic
S 2000 White-out James V. Marshall WWII era survival adventure thriller in Antarctica
S 2000 Blind Waves Steven Gould Antarctica melts raising sea levels 100 feet, chaos ensues
S 2000 The Ice Limit Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child Billionaire wants to collect the world's largest meteor from a southern Chilean island just north of the Ice limit
N 2000 Revelation Bill Napier atomic bombs in Arctic
N 2000 The Svalbard Passage Thomas Kirkwood Cold-war novel with US vs USSR in Norway
N 2000 The Final Act John Watson searching for post-WWII Nazi gold in Greenland
S 2000 Take One Man Vivien Kelly young man bored with his London ad agency job makes plans to go to Antarctica. Some easily researched bad astronomy...
S 2000 Requiem Antarctica Jane Yolen and Robert Harris short story, Asimov's science fiction magazine (May). Scott was a vampire...
S 2000 A Colder War Charles Stross novelette 'sequel' to At the Mountains of Madness. Spectrum SF 3, & available online here
S 2000 Antartida 1947 Felipe Botaya in Spanish, novel about Operation Highjump and Nazi base in Antarctica. reprinted in 2010.
S 2000 Iceberg Ltd Serge Brussolo in French, ship seeking crashed plane in Arctic has disappearing sailors.
N 2000 The Catch Jonathan Hobbs Arctic bush pilot finds murdered bodies
N 2001 Caribou Crossing Kim Heacox big oil environmental thriller at Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
N 2001 Birds of Prey J. A. Jance murder on Alaska cruise
N 2001 Pandora's Curse Jack Du Brul Nazi artifact, meteorites in the Arctic
N 2001 No One Thinks of Greenland John Griesemer in 1959, US Korean War casualties are hidden away in a Greenland military base
S 2001 Tom Clancy's Power Plays #5: Cold War Tom Clancy, Jerome Preisler Martian robot lander & crew vanish in Antarctica, base under attack by illegal nuclear waste dumpers
N 2001 Frankenstein: The Legacy Christopher Schildt 3 scientists travel to North Pole & find the notes of Frankenstein's monster
N 2001 Park Polar Adam Roberts dystopian novella about an overpopulated Earth in which the Arctic icepack is the last place with wildlife
S 2001 Dark Winter William Dietrich South Pole winter-overs murdered one by one, starting with the astronomers. Better than most!
N 2001 Forever and the Night Laura DeHart Young female park ranger meets Inuit woman in Barrow, Alaska
S 2001 The Secret Hunters Ranulph Fiennes environmentalist who survived Nazi prison camps as a child tracks down Nazis in Antarctica
S Jan 2001 Area 52 Brian Haberlin Image Comics, 4 parts. Alien tech, weapons, and a live one stored in Antarctica.
S 2001 Searchers Scott Browning 10,000 yr old man found in Antarctic ice
S 2001 Adversary: Some Things are Better Left Undiscovered Richard Schiver alien knife found in Antarctica infects human
S 2001 Earth of Fire, Sky of Ice Robert Hotchkiss 'An Epic Fantasy Adventure'; lost civilization found in Antarctica
N 2001 The Man Who Watched Trash Russ Madison young environmentalist plus his mistress & her daughter sail a million-ton iceberg to New York to call attention to the ozone hole
S 2001 The Penguin Man Harvey Sawler Big oil in the Falklands
S 2001 Hippolyte's Island Barbara Hodgson Amateur sailor looks for legendary island near Falklands
S 2002 The Breath of Seals Lucy Jane Bledsoe short story, online here
N 2002 Deception Point Dan Brown possibly alien vessel at North Pole
N 2002 2182 KHz David Masiel life on Arctic sea tugboats
S 2002 Buried at Sea Paul Garrison Sailboat chase across the Atlantic, including the Falklands and near Antarctica
N 2002 Falling From the Sky Tim Goodwin B-52 bomber missing in Greenland
S 2002 Decipher Stel Pavlou UK; techno-thriller with everything but the kitchen sink ends in Antarctica
N 2002 Meltdown James Powlik radioactive waste in Arctic ocean, eco-thriller
S 2002 Arctic Blast (The Executioner #288) Don Pendleton Soviet extremists with missiles in Antarctica
S 2002 Ice Age Brian Freemantle as the Polar regions warm, a prehistoric lethal virus spreads around the world
S 2002 My Mistress, Humanity Chuck Rosenthal in a post-apocalyptic world, an astronaut & others search for a dragon in Antarctica
S 2002 Love of a Thousand Years Hon Ching Huang in CHINESE; no Eng. trans., 'in the year 2123, an explosion at the South Pole threatens to drown the Earth & destroy all human life'
N 2002 Isaac the Pirate-The Ice Christophe Blain French adult graphic novel series; Isaac heads North (second part of Vol 1 in English translation)
S 2002 Black Ice Juan Luis Conde Spanish; at a research station in Antarctica
N 2002 She Went all the Way Meg Cabot screenwriter and hot actor in Alaska
S 2002 None Shall Forget Herbert Pollack nuclear power plant in Antarctica
S 2002 Tomorrow Afternoon We Die Herman Lloyd Bruebaker in 1999, US navy finds a German U boat in Antarctica
S 2003 Zero Hour Benjamin Miller Antarctic subglacial volcano heats nearby seas & may create big hurricane
S 2003 Black Ice Matt Dickinson Antarctic thriller, psycho burns down base
N 2003 Ice Hunt James Rollins Russians & Americans rediscover Arctic base where they conducted nasty biomedical experiments on Inuit during WWII
N 2003 Typhoon Robin White Arctic thriller, Russian sub under Arctic ice cap
N 2003 Blizzard Kin Liam Kernan Arctic thriller, Inuit lawyer and prison gold-mining boot camp on Baffin Island
N/S 2003 Underland Mike Farren Secret US spy agency kidnaps vampire to go find Nazis living inside of the Earth (under Antarctica but they get there through Ice Station Zebra in the Arctic)
S 2003 Icehole Kiera Dellacroix Lt Cmdr Lovecraft pairs up with the only other woman on the station while solving a classified mystery under the Antarctic ice.
S 2003 Drifting at the Bottom of the World Auden Bailey lesbian woman in Antarctica
S 2003 Twisted Web Tom Grace espionage thriller about newly discovered life forms in Lake Vostok. Issued in UK as 'Polar Quest'
S 2003 A Line in the Sand Jeffrey Green eco-thriller
S 2003 The Orion Protocol Gary Tigerman alien pyramids found on Mars & Moon, alien body found in pre-historic forest in Antarctica. Political coverup, Antarctica thread mostly dropped
S 2003 Terra Obscura: After Antarctica Alan Moore et al collected in a 2004 volume
N 2003 Lodestar Peter Nichols Luxury yacht sets sail for the Arctic
S 2003 Deep Ice Karl Kofoed wealthy businessman places nukes in Antarctica to melt the ice, flood the coastlines, & make money in real estate on the new coasts
S 2003 Big Ice Christopher Bonn Jonnes Psycho environmentalist (& Edgar Cayce fan) attacks polar scientist who finds doomsday fault in W. Ant. Ice Sheet. Eco-terrorist trying to accelerate Ant. ice melt in order to cleanse Earth of humanity
S 2003 $50,000 An Ounce Albin Roman theft of Martian meteorite takes PI to Antarctica
S 2003 Dead White Male Paul Wiebe
S 2004 Ice Tomb Deborah Jackson Canadian geologist studies mysterious hot spot in Antarctica. Lost City of Atlantis, killer asteroids, evil US military, the moon, etc. And she 'defrosts' with a jerk who's worse than the ex who stole her thesis...
S 2004 Travel in the Mouth of the Wolf Paul Fattaruso dinosaur found under Antarctic ice recalls life when dinos ruled
S 2004 Tempest Down Jeff Rovin Antarctic military thriller
S 2004 Deep Current Benjamin Miller people-eating monsters on Antarctic iceberg
N 2004 Love Speaks her Name Laura DeHart Young sequel to Forever and the Night
S 2004 Beneath the Ice Alton Gansky Christian publisher; Christian engineer sent to investigate pyramid found under Lake Vostok. could it be.... Satan?
S 2004 Adventures of an Ice Princess Liz Maverick Calif. valley girls go to Antarctica with high heels & become empowered. Bad...
S 2004 State of Fear Michael Crichton anti-global warming, Antarctic icebergs & terrorists, & an audience at the White House based on the authors "expertise"
S 2004 Sun at Midnight Rosie Thomas Geologist goes to Antarctica. Surprise, she's pregnant! And the station commander - a grandson of a surviving member of RF Scott's expedition - is demented! And she 'defrosts'.
S 2004 Northern Lights Nora Roberts Baltimore cop becomes police chief in remote Alaska town, finds love
S 2004 Hawkman & the Atom, Terror Beneath the Ice Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray in Antarctica, no. 32 Nov 04
S 2004 The Sarcophagi of the Sixth Continent Yves Sente & Andre Juillard In French, English version pub. in 2011. `Adventures of Blake and Mortimer', Part 2 in Antarctica
S 2004 Ice Company XIII Georges-Jean Arnaud In French, first of several stories about a future ice-age Earth where people live in domed cities under ice sheets
N 2004 Arctic Chill Robert Ziegler murder in Fairbanks, Alaska
N 2004 Icetopia Arthur Herzog something found in old military encapment under Greenland
N 2004 Plasma Dreams Eric Nichols Young female scientist discovers fusion. She `gasps', `shrieks', or `sobs' on nearly every page. Painful depictions of African-American characters
S 2004 Ice: A Novel of Initiation Bruce Donehower Egyptian style pyramid found in Antarctica, Atlantis
S 2004 The Pangean Effect Ual Bradley discovery that Earth's axis will shift in 2025
S 2004 The Stone Sky J. B. Langley Antarctic scientists kidnapped and brought to under-ice caverns
S 2004 Tantalus Zero Marshall Moore surgeon stationed at US military base in Antarctica finds very nasty people & a secret bioweapons program. A good one!
S 2005 Cold Skin Albert Sanchez Pinol award winning novel trans. from Catalan; humanoid killer amphibians on Antarctic island. Weird.
S 2005 Hive Tim Curran billed as a 'sequel' to Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness"
N 2005 The Trudeau Vector Juris Jurjevics Arctic biohazard thriller
N 2005 Jar City Arnaldur IndriĆ°ason First in a series of mysteries about a detetive in Iceland
S 2005 X-Men: Golgotha Peter Milligan X-Men visit colony of mutants in Antarctica
S 2005 Mystery in Antarctica F. & N. Bergese French-Belgian comic; Navy pilots, criminals and Nazi gold in Antarctica. A Buck Danny adventure. English version in 2016
N 2005 Polar Shift Clive Cussler and Paul Kemprecos Techno-thriller, bad guys plans to trigger a polar shift, also lost city in Arctic Island. Hey Clive- they speak PORTUGUESE in Brazil
S 2005 Raising Atlantis Thomas Greanias Archeologist, former nun, & several militaries explore a lost city and ancient aliens in Antarctica. (non-polar) sequels.
N 2005 Dangerous Ground Larry Bond undersea techno-thriller, nuclear subs, Russians, etc
N 2005 Return of the Dancing Master Henning Mankell RMurder and neo-Nazis in Sweden
N 2005 AD 2516: After Global Warming Noel Hudson 3 people are transported to the future after their plane crashes under the arctic ice
S 2005 Deception's Fury Jacqueline Randolph spy thriller with DEA agents, very brief Antarctica
S 2005 The Biggest Morgue in the World Jon Jermey AUS; murder mystery at Australian Antarctic base
S 2005 Moby & Ahab on a Plutonium Sea Scott E Douglas Mt Erebus explodes, releasing US-developed bioweapon, affecting nearby submarine crew who go mad & plan to nuke Antarctica
S 2005 Prophecy Force Seven Marceline Miller Earth's govts allow refugee aliens to colonize Antarctica.
S 2005 Angel of Death Thomas McCurley CIA agents chase vampire around the world, including Antarctica.
S 2005 Portal Rob Swigart Originally published (1988) as an interactive novel on computer disk in 1986, astronaut returns to Earth after 100 years
S 2005 Angel of Death T M Mccurley Disgraced CIA agent chases vampire around the world, including Antarctica
S 2005 The Darwin Strand James Copa change in Earth's tilt leads to genetically changed humans
N 2006 Raising the Past Jeremy Robinson 10,000 year old body found in Arctic. Revised and expanded in 2011
N 2006 Whitewater Rendezvous Kim Baldwin girl meets girl on Alaskan wilderness trip
N 2006 Stain of the Berry Anthony Bidulka Part of a series; gay private detective investigates murder in Canadian arctic
N 2006 Cape Farewell Peter Tonkin murderer on submarine off the coast of Greenland
S 2006 G.I. Joe Special Missions: Antarctica Andrew Dabb Canada
S 2006 Resolution Burning Peter Tonkin supertanker on fire in Antarctic Sea
S 2006 Echoes in the Blue C. George Muller Japan hunting whales in Antarctic
N 2006 From Within Robert Billard Canadian Revolutionary Army in Nunavut
S 2006 Antarctic Collapse Earl Earnest Guile polar ice caps collapsing, discovery of ancient alien computer
S 2006 Project Galaxy H. J. Walter US military stages 'UFO' flights from Antarctica. Shaggy dog tale, lots of excruciating detail but we never learn WHY
S 2006 Fire and Ice Christopher Jones eco-terrorists, guided by aliens, steal nukes & blow up Antarctica
S 2006 Desert Ice P. J. Bartels Kuwait plans to capture a large Antarctic iceberg for sriking water
S 2006 Empress Hunter 2010 John Burke Chinese sub tries to rescue American scientist from Ice Prison in Antarctica
S 2006 Vostok Station: Point of Impact Kerry Plowright Russians and Chinese find oil reserves under Lake Vostok
S 2006 Tropical Antarctica: A Prophecy? Robert Parlier melting ice caps flood the north, Americans just move wherever they want in the world to find high ground, lots of wars, & eventually everyone ends up in big towers in Antarctica. Bad.
S 2006 The Sands of Erebus Drew Gardner novella; navel-gazing college senior finds the women of his dreams on a week-long trip to Antarctica
S 2006 The Number of Things R. R. Beach man escapes his complicated life by dreaming about leading a British Antarctic expedition
N 2007 Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event James Cobb Soviet bioweapon found in Arctic
N 2007 Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name Vendela Vida Manhattan woman heads to Lapland in search of missing Sami parent
S 2007 In Cold Pursuit Sarah Andrews McMurdo geology grad student investigates advisor's murder charge (& she 'defrosts'). Bad Astronomy & bad physics - a practicing geologist should know the definitions of Ant. Circle & deuterium!
S 2007 The Citadel Robert Doherty CIA, Antarctica, one reviewer said it was a 'cut & paste' of an earlier book by the author, Eternity Base (writing as Bob Mayer).
S 2007 Antarktos Rising Jeremy Robinson apocalyptic global geological catastrophe, nations race to claim Antarctica, but its already got monsters & dinosaurs. Funny bad reviews on amazon: 'anti-science, biblical, creationist, racist'...
S 2007 The Seventh Seal Jose Rodrigues dos Santos In Portuguese, trans. into several languages but not yet English. In a future globally warmed earth: a murdered Antarctic scientist, a biblical secret left as a clue, a coming apocalypse
N 2007 Svalbard 1969 Bjorn Okern in Norweigian. US, British, Russian, and Norwegian oil companies race to claim Alaskan oil in 1969
S 2007 Terror Nova Malcolm Kitchen
N 2007 Thaw Bryan Dunn ancient terror entombed in Arctic iceberg
S 2007 Deadfreeze Anthony Giangregorio experimental serum injected into dead body creates zombies at Antarctic research station, who spread throughout the continent
S 2007 The Nexus Colony G. F. Schreader alien UFO found buried in Antarctica
N 2007 Polar Fire: Diamonds in the Ice Mike Goyette Diamonds and murder in Canada's far north
S 2007 The Jelly Game Colin Rock Documentary crew covers Antarctic ecology conference
S 2007 Zero Station Amanda Hamm novella, aliens crash into Antarctica
S 2007 Jeezus! Theresa Mitchell aliens, who plan to steal the Antarctic ice cap, pretend to be the second coming of jesus. 2 lesbians try to expose the truth
N 2008 Arctic Drift Clive and Dirk Cussler US near war with Canada over natural gas, global warming. Terror & Erebus are found as the ice melts...
S 2008 The Final Warning James Patterson YA; Maximum Ride, a mutant teenager with wings who can fly, goes to Antarctica with her flock to help scientists study global warming
S 2008 Cold Plague Daniel Kalla fresh water from a Vostok-type Antarctic lake is bottled and sold but creates a medical disaster
S 2008 Ice: A Love Story Louis Nowra towing iceberg from Antarctica to Sydney
S 2008 Freezing Point Karen Dionne plans to bottle drinking water from the separated Larsen ice shelf, but problems with the water, the ecoterrorists, the giant killer rats on the ice shelf & the geologist's surprise pregnancy...
S 2008 The Charlemagne Pursuit Steve Berry Lost civilzation found in Antarctica by Nazis; Op. Highjump, missing sub, US political intrigue, crazy German descendents, etc.
S 2008 Shangri-la Julio Murillo Spanish; Climate scientists in Antarctica discover secret Nazi base
S 2008 House of Wolves Matt Bronleewe NYC rare book dealer looks for 12c gospels, ancient brotherhood, conspiracies, Nazi secrets, Antarctica. Christian publisher.
S 2008 Pink Carbide: Carbon Aria RE. S. Wynn conclusion to a Sci Fi trilogy, includes a visit to Antarctica
N/S 2008 Polar Swap Arthur Herzog Swap of Earth's magnetic poles
S 2008 Gone Bob Avis Guy brought to future & returned with antidote to save humanity from a deadly viral-bacteria mix found near Lake Vostok, deposited 3 million years ago when an alien spaceship crashed into Antarctica
S 2008 The Invasion Delores Elaine Hill aliens hiding in an underwater base in Antarctica work to melt the polar ice caps & take over the Earth. Really needs an editor...
S 2008 The Iceman John Stevenson AUS; aliens exploit Earth chaos from climate change to take over, can Earth be saved by a man frozen under Antarctic ice for 100 years after a plane crash, who lacks the alien implants common to all other humans? Reprinted 2017 by `Paul Carroll'
S 2008 Nature's Fire & Water Charles Hawley
N 2008 Betrayal Norman Chance US govt. tries to cover up nuclear poisoning in Alaska
S 2008 All Giamotti's Children Sean Munger 2nd book about an immortal being
N/S 2008 The Great Meltdown Bob Zorich Global warming and biblical prophesy
S 2008 Gas $1.00 Jim King US claims lake with enough 'oil for a millon years' in Antarctica. No mention of the Antarctic Treaty, no objections to the construction of trains, pipelines, & a resort at this Antarctic lake, no thought of the global effects of burning all of this oil. Plus polar bears in Antarctica, use of incorrect words, & rambly godawful writing. Ugh.
N/S 2008, 2009 Climax, Parts I-IV Luc Brahy, E. Corbeyran, Braquelaire French; Set of 4 graphic novels, 2 in North, 2 in South. Le desert blanc; Vostok; Les faiseurs d'Aurore; Gakona, Alaska. Reissued as box set in 2011
N 2009 Batman: Arctic Attack Robert Greenberger eco-terrorists melting glaciers
S 2009 Polar Quest Alex Archer (Rogue Angel #16). Series by different authors about a archeologist/tv host who owns a super sword. Here she goes to Antarctica to investigate a strange artifact. Alien, or a fake?
N 2009 Ice Sarah Beth Durst YA, fairy tale. Young woman at Arctic research station meets talking polar bear and searches for her missing mother
S 2009 Blood and Ice Robert Masello depressed journalist 'defrosts' with 19th c vampire found underwater by Antarctic base. Bad geography- coastal Antarctica isn't 'Pole'
N 2009 Far North Marcel Theroux Survivors in a bleak postapocalyptic world ruined by climate change travel in Siberia and Alaska
N 2009 Terminal Freeze Lincoln Child large ancient animal found in Alaskan Arctic wilderness
N 2009 Deep Black: Arctic Gold Stephen Coonts & William Keith Russian subs under the icecap looking for oil
S 2009 The Sign Raymond Khoury TV reporter covering Antarctic ice breakup films mysterious 'bright shimmering sphere of light', which later appears over Arctic. sign from god or a scam?
N 2009 Breaking the Ice Kim Baldwin girl meets girl on Alaskan wilderness trip
S 2009 The Magicians Lev Grossman Brooklyn teenager suddenly finds himself in Magic College; his semester abroad is in Antarctica
S 2009 The Covenant of Genesis Andy McDermott British series about a pair of adventure archeologists who find a lost city in Antarctica
S 2009 Who Goes There? John W Campbell new edition of 1938 novella, with new introduction & previously unpublished 1978 screen treatment by William F Nolan (his version has women at the Antarctic station)
S 2009 Lovecraft Unbound E. Datlow ed `Twenty Stories inspired by Lovecraft'; incl. `The Crevassei' by D Bailey & N Ballingrud, and `Cold Water Survival' by H Phillips
S 2009 The Quiet War Paul McAuley Space opera, some references to a melted Antarctica
N 2009 Polar Night Julie Flanders Chicago cop moves to Fairbanks AK and searches for missing women
N 2009 Arctic Blue Death R. J. Harlick In Canadian Arctic, woman searches for her missing father, and ends up investigating Inuit art forgery. Part of the Meg Harris series of mysteries in the Canadian wilderness
S 2009 Coldblooded Jacob R Dring nasty warrior aliens at Byrd Sub-C Station
S 2009 Polar Love K. L. Smith Science director meets married intern on polar science cruise. Will their love be ended by a boat crash, car crash, or plane crash?
S 2009 The Treaty A. J. Conway AUS; Antarctica bombed to protect a secret. Author is 'age 13'
S 2009 A Strange Messenger Robert Bennick mysterious floating object found in Ant. Many cliches (conspiracies, nazis, pole shifts, aliens, marriage to female grad student). 'in American to charm readers across the Atlantic', but many typos & reads like the English in a multi-lingual electronics manual.
S 2009 Tsunami: Beast of Antarctica W. Dale Ogle Tsunami trashes cruise ship in Antarctica. truly awful writing.
S 2009 Freedom Refuge Gary Anello in Antarctica. amazon self-publishing, minimal description!
S 2009 The Capstone Decision Isabelle Morton Great Pyramids, Atlantis, upcoming polar shift. Some action takes place in Antarctica.
S 2009 The Patent of Mann George Dixon UK; evil mining corp bombs fault line in CA creating earthquake, which distracts the world from their plan to do the same in Antarctica - so as to separate off the ice sheet to better access the oil in the land
S 2009 Apocalypse Rising Jim Sampson AUS; environmental scientists trapped in Antarctica as many volcanoes erupt there & increase global warming
S 2009 Death by Rx T A Olsinski chemical from new species found in a warming Antarctica might let people live forever (no action in Antarctica)
S 2009 2049 James E. Davis something about terrorism; some action in McMurdo
S 2009 South of the 60 Parallel Andrzej Gorecki AUS; Journalist investigates US discovery of a huge metallic structure under Antarctica - guess what it is! And she defrosts! Decent writing
S 2009 In the Wake of Lancelot Ashe Anthony Bonner
S 2009 Weather's Wrath Ade Paul NZ; greedy capitalist sends CFC bombs into the stratosphere over Antarctica to destroy the ozone layer & make billions selling a fix
S 2009 Pipeline to Nowhere Klaus Hickmann Arabic emirate hires German company to bring Antarctic water to the Arabic peninsula. Reissued for kindle as 'Antarctica for Sale'
N 2009 Ice-Shedding of Ages Kauko Loukas Greenland glacier bursts causing problems
S 2010 Polar Reaction Claire Thompson 3 men stuck at an Antarctic station get physically (& explicitly) involved with each other. Gay polar porn!
N/S 2010 Baby its Cold Outside Jen Greene & Merline Lovelace romance novellas taking place in Alaska and Antarctica.
N 2010 Solar Ian McEwan Unpleasant Nobel-winning physicist gets involved with global warming, including a trip to the Arctic
N 2010 Aurorarama Jean-Christophe Valtat alternate history about a frozen Arctic city New Venice in post Victorian times. Steampunk/Icepunk.
N 2010 Dark Matter Michelle Paver In 1937, amateur Arctic expedition encounters ghost on Svalbard
N 2010 Cold Earth Sarah Moss Archeologists on dig in Greenland face Norse ghosts as an epidemic wipes out Europe
N 2010 Innocent Murder Suzanne Kingsmill Zoology Prof investigaes murder on a Canadian Arctic tourist ship
S 2010 Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire Gabriel Hunt Wealthy adventurer searches for scientist missing near the South Pole
S 2010 Beneath the Dark Ice Greig Beck AUS; Plane crash in Antarctica; monsters in caves
S 2010 Yukikaze Chohei Kambayashi JAPAN; military Sci Fi. Aliens use passageway over Ross Ice Shelf to invade Earth, leading to war. Originally short stories in SF magazine 1979-1983, compiled 1984, 5 part anime series in 2002
S 2010 El Cementerio de Icebergs S. Rossi & T. Polo In SPANISH; scientists caught in the middle of soldiers vs mercenaries grabbing Antarctic resources. No English translation.
S Apr. 2010 Fantastic Four #576 Jonathan Hickman mystery buried deep beneath Vostok station, Antarctica
N 2010 Vampire Delights on Polar Nights Jules Stephens Female agents sent to service 8 captured male vampires locked up on Svalbard. They all 'defrost', quite explicitly. Vampire polar porn! Incorrectly advertised as Antarctic
S 2010 The Spawning: Book 2 of the Hive Series Tim Curran sequel to the self-proclaimed 'sequel' to At The Mountains of Madness
S 2010 The Silent Sea Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul some Antarctica
N 2010 An Icy Reception Mark Okrant Professor and crime reporter investigates a murder on an Arctic adventure cruise. A Kary Turnell mystery.
N 2010 The Tourist Trail John Yunker Eco-thriller, Biologist at penguin research station meets environmentalist fighting whale poachers
N 2010 Sarah/Sara Jacob Paul Young Orthodox Jewish women who survived a terrorist bomb in Jerusalem goes on a solo kayaking trip in the Arctic ocean.
S 2010 The Floaters of the Barrens David Haden short story 'sequel' to 'At The Mountains of Madness', in Ice Cores: Essays on Lovecraft's novella At the Mountains of Madness
S 2010 Frozen in Time: Murder at the Bottom of the World Theodore J Cohen Theft from Chilean bank leads to Antarctica. Sequels `Unfinished Business: Pursuit of Antarctic Killer' & 'End Game: Irrational Acts, Tragic Consequences'
S 2010 Death in McMurdo Izzy Heller Geologist wins MacArthur award & takes his whiny Jewish wife to McMurdo for a year. Much dramarama ensues. What young Harvard scientist has time for sports, dance, & Judaism conversion classes?
S 2010 Storm from The South Peter G Bailey international nuclear terrorists
N 2010 Gelon Graham Jappe ancient civilization below Arctic ice, aliens, etc
S 2010 Fracture Lines David Wandless US Vice Pres. secretly plans to nuke Antarctica so that it melts, raising seas & wiping out the US' economic competitors, esp. India & China
S 2010 The Antarctic Code Deo de Wit AUS; unusual virus found in Antarctic penguin colony, but most action is in Aus, Russia, and California.
S 2010 The Tournament at the End of the Earth Andew Boswell in a future world after WWIII, battleground in Antarctica
S 2010 Sun Dog Days, Lunar Corona Nights Max Gluteus fictionalized account of life with the British Antarctic Survey during the 1960s & 1970s
S 2010 The Triumvirate Boris Shchiglik trans. from Russian; crimes in Lithuania trace back to Hitler/Nazi expeditions to Antarctica
N/S 2010 Sixty Four Degrees Chesley Hines self-published with minimal description 'adventure novel in sub-Arctic & Southern Ocean'
S 2010 Tomorrow Scott Patrick Campbell 300,000 year-old spacecraft buried beneath Antarctic ice
S 2010 The Evidence of Things Not Seen Terri Wood & Jeremy R. Jerkins christian version of much of the above: suspected lost Atlantis in Antarctica is actually Babel; most station crew absorb its evil; religious icy woman scientist hastily marries expedition leader before `defrosting'; & all die except the christian believers. Ugh
N 2010 Critical Orbit Reg Puckey Asteroid collides with Earth and changes its tilt
S 2010 True Story of the First Bicycle in the Antarctic Gordon Mackenzie Ex-cop working at McMurdo
S 2010 Thaw's Hammer Allen Edel Antarctic ice melts, releasing killer disease
S 2011 Blood and Ice Lois Gresh ethereal aliens awaken in Antarctica & discover they like blood after nipping on the first Scott/Shackleton expedition. 100 years later they return to the IceCube neutrino telescope at South Pole.
S 2011 Frozen in Time Ian Weaver second of a trilogy about a (time-traveling?) military pilot. Terrorist plot in Antarctica.
N 2011 The Explorer's Code Kitty Pilgram great great granddaughter of famous Victorian polar explorer finds his journal and land deed to part of Svalbard, Norway. Around the world thriller
N 2011 Reluctant Dead John Moss Murder in the arctic
N 2011 A Summer of Drowning John Burnside Thriller set on island near Tromso
N 2011 Ice Station Peter Tonkin ice storms and sabotage on new Russian offshore floating nuclear power plant
N 2011 White Heat M. J. McGrath First in a series of 3 about Edie Kiglatuk, a half-Inuit guide who solves mysteries
N 2011 High Impact Kim Baldwin Adventure leader falls for client in Alaska
N 2011 Snow Angels James Thompson murder in Finnish Lapland
N 2011 Ancestor Scott Sigler Genetic engineers on remote island in Canadian arctic inadvertedly create an evil creature
S 2011 Venom #2 Rick Remender Marvel series connected to Spiderman; material from Antarctic mine used for weapons
N 2011 The Arctic Marauder Jacques Tardi Icepunk graphic novel; in 1889, ghost ship appears on a northern iceberg
S 2011 Orion is Upside Down Amy Kernahan christian Scottish woman travels to Antarctica
S 2011 Dry Ice Bill Evans & Marianna Jameson Weather monitoring station in Antarctica is programmed to control the weather and make it a weapon. And no one can shut it down... Evans is an Eyewitness News meteorologist in NYC
S 2011 The Alarmists Don Hoesel CEO funds global disruptions, culminating with a plot to break off a chunk of the East Antarctic ice shelf in Dec 2012, to raise his stock values and flood China. Sociology Prof & elite army team investigate. christian publisher.
N 2011 Death in Siberia Alex Dryden Former KGB agent sent from US to Arctic to search for nuclear physicist imprisoned by the Kremlin.
S 2011 Eternity Maggie Jaimeson In the future, a virus found in Antarctica might lets people live for centuries. Reprinted in 2018 under Maggie Lynch
S 2011 The Unlikely Assoc. of Meg & Harry Jennifer Armstrong woman and religious man travel around the world, including Antarctica
S 2011 Deception Island Judith Boss Anthropologist investigates bioterrorists genetically engineering human embryos at old Nazi base under Antarctica. Also hollow Earth city of ancient wise ones.
S 2011 The Last Hunter: Descent Jeremy Robinson `Book 1 of the Antarktos Saga'
S 2011 The Last Hunter: Pursuit Jeremy Robinson `Book 2 of the Antarktos Saga'
S 2011 The Last Hunter: Ascent Jeremy Robinson `Book 3 of the Antarktos Saga'
S 2011 Fusion Colin Hazlehurst Northern hemisphere wiped out by natural disaster and war, civilization in Antarctica only
S 2011 Return to Void Simon Dyda in English and Welsh; past present and future, around the world and Mars, including Antarctica
S 2011 Overlords of Mars: Inception Giuseppe Filotto Admiral Byrd's UFOs
S 2011 Desolate Robert Brumm Jr Residents of prison camp on Antarctic Island find lethal pathogen
S 2011 Fade to Black Josh Pryor Lethal primitive virus discovered under Antarctic lake; military sends pregnant biologist to investigate. Pretty good!
S 2011 The Lance Alex Lukeman Neo-nazis, including descendents of nazi leaders and powerful Wash DC politicians, plan to use powerful ancient weapon hidden at old nazi base in Antarctica to create a 3rd reich.
N 2011 Arctic Fire Paul Byers Entrepeneur brings man-made icebergs from the Arctic to New York for drinking water
N 2011 Tipping Point Simon Rosser Someone is killing Arctic climatologists
N 2011 The Ice Gorilla Michael Esola & Wesley Jones Laid-off professor joins Arctic expedition in search of giant creature. Bad reviews on Amazon...
N 2011 65 Below Basil Sands retired marine finds secret in Alaskan arctic
N 2011 Slaughter Deck K K Gatien & Sreecanda First lady and whaling pirate try to move stranded whales from Arctic to Antarctic waters
N 2011 Ice Rift Pamela Lane Ice rift in Greenland might speed up climate change
N 2011 Thin Ice Michael Gerhartz Global warming scientists vs big oil companies in Northwest Passage
N,S 2012 The Massive Brian Wood Dark Horse series about post-apocalyptic Earth. #2 and 3 in Arctic, #5 in Antarctica. #1-6 pub in 2013 as The Massive Vol 1: Black Pacific
N 2012 Shako Pat Wills, John Wagner, Ramon Sola Plane crash in Arctic; savage bear swallows top secret capsule
S 2012 The Gondwana Shrine Andre Juilard more Adventures of Blake and Mortimer
N 2012 The Snow Child Eowyn Ivey In 1920s Alaska, a lonely couple makes a child out of snow.
N 2012 Ice Force Matt Lynn Death Force #4; Plane crash; mercenaries battle for oil in the Arctic
N 2012 Arctic Rising Tobias Buckell Corporation creates superweapon to battle global warming, countries fight over oil in the melting Arctic
N 2012 Mother of Storms John Barnes In 2028, in destroying an illegal Arctic weapons cache, energy is released from the ice creating massive storms
N 2012 Incarnate A. C. Ruttan Guarding portal to heaven and hell in the Canadian arctic
N 2012 Strindberg's Star Jan Wallentin Swedish; intl thriller; including relic from 1897 crashed balloon in the Arctic, Nazis, Norse mythology
N 2012 Scarecrow Returns Matthew Reilly Terrorists find a Soviet cold-war doomsday device at a forgotten Arctic base (AKA Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves)
S 2012 Virus Sakyo Komatsu JAPAN; first English translation of 1964 novel. Everyone on Earth dies except for people in Antarctica. Japan/US film version in 1980.
S 2012 Origin J. T. Brannan 40,000 year old human body discovered in Antarctica; evil officials plotting worldwide genocide. Lost city of Atlantis, etc.
S 2012 Thirst L. A. Larkin AUS; Chinese scheme to blast Antarctica for resources
S 2012 V Wars Jonathan Maberry, ed Ancient bacteria from Antarctica activate people's `junk DNA' and they become vampires, werewolves, etc
S 2012 Retrovirus J. Gray, J. Palmiotti, N Fernandez Preserved Neanderthal found in Antarctica releases an extinct virus
S 2012 Assemblers of Infinity Kevin Anderson & Doug Beason Astronauts practice in Antarctica; then alien nanites are found building something on the Moon
S 2012 At the Mountains of Madness HP Lovecraft, Ian Culbard Graphic novel version of 1936 novella
S 2012 A Slow Cold Death Suzy Gage Murder in the (Caltech) Physics Dept. Discussion of experiments at the South Pole but they never get there.
S 2012 SecondWorld Jeremy Robinson "Nazis, UFOs, Antarctica"
S 2012 The Last Hunter: Lament Jeremy Robinson `Book 4 of the Antarktos Saga'
S 2012 The Last Hunter: Onslaught Jeremy Robinson `Book 5 of the Antarktos Saga'
N 2012 Polar City Red Jim Laughter Alaska in 2075, following global warming
S 2012 Ice Station Zombie J. E. Gurley Zombies loose in Antarctica
S 2012 Iceburgh Paul & Carole Miller bringing iceberg from Antarctica to LA for fresh water
S 2012 Prison at the End of the World Douglas Todt Undercover vice-cop ends up in Antarctic prison
N/S 2012 Whispers Across Time Stuart Coates Woman and her great grand-daughter time travel among 1898, 1910, and 2011
N 2012 Greenland: An Arctic Adventure James Fenton Greenland ski tourists and climate scientists
S 2012 The Weddell Sea: An Antarctic Adventure James Fenton
S 2012 The Hunt for Danger Peter G. Bailey Politics and adventure; some in Antarctica
S 2012 The Prophecy Gene Stuart Schooler Telepathic consciousness discovered; partly takes place in Antarctica
S 2012 Quest for the Truth Terrance Wallander Ruins of lost city in in Antarctica
N 2012 Evolution Russ Katz aliens, DNA manipulation, Arctic
S 2012 Midnight Sun MJ Frederick Pirates take over cruise ship enroute to Antarctic
S 2012 The Breeders Matthew Beier (stereotypical) gay men rule overpoplated world, unauthorized pregnant women supposedly banished to Antarctica. comes off as offensive rather than as a successful parody
N 2012 Arctic Fire Stephen Frey Secret American intelligence group in the Arctic
N 2012 Arctic Wargame Ethan Jones Canadian intelligence agent finds foreign weapons in the Arctic
S 2012 South Pole Vendetta C. D. Myers North Korea invades Palmer station to steal oil from the South Pole
S 2012 Synapse Ron Prasad Scientist creating human archive on Antarctic island finds evidence of previous human civilization connected to Egyptian pyramids
N 2012 Chimera Sarah Stegall Astrobiologist searching for extremophiles in Arctic finds a hunky part-wolf Inuit guide, and aliens. More original than most!
N 2012 Song of the Unsung Gary Eddings North Slope residents try to survive after an asteroid collision destroys North America
S 2012 Blood on the Snow Pamela Lamb Woman attacked by mysterious assailant in Antarctica
S 2012 Mulligan Tommie Lee
S 2012 Frozen Secrets Bryan Cunningham old Nazi base in Antarctica
S 2012 The Good Luck Knot Melissa Field Depressed young woman travels around the world including to Antarctica
S 2012 Project Enterprise H. J. Walter Sequel to Project Galaxy. Antarctic Development Squadron Six tries to rescue Space Shuttle trapped in orbit
S 2012 Icarus Rising Dominic Carney Climate scientist seeks truth about disappearance of father in Antarctica
S 2012 The Good Luck Knot Melissa Field Depressed young woman travels the world, including Antarctica
S 2012 Deception Island Brian & Janice Kenefick Canadian merchant marine officer finds neo-nazis and no-nazi groups fighting over diamonds in Antarctica
N 2012 Witt's Prayer Mark Oliver Arctic icebergs melted to free up hidden gold, leading to flooded Earth. Scientist decides to recreate Noah's Ark and prays for Earth
N 2012 White Noir: A Blake Massey Mystery Craig Forgrave Detective investigates a murder in arctic Canada, while people fight over oil. Reprinted as the Remarkable Bay Murders, 2015?
N 2012 Warm Front Mark A York Climate scientists vs oil exploration in the Arctic
N 2012 Hardluck Hannigan: Peril in the North Bill Craig Nazis and aliens in WWII arctic
N 2012 Murder on Vinson Massif Charles Irion Murder on winter climb of Vinson Massif
S 2012 White Gold Meh Teh Geologist makes discovery in Antarctica
S 2013 Nemo: Heart of Ice Alan Moore League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Antarctic expedition in 1925
N 2013 Crater XV Kevin Cannon Graphic novel, partly in Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada
N 2013 Arctic Floor Mark Aitken International battle for arctic oil
N 2013 Polar Night Simon Hacker Polar bear on iceberg creates havoc in small Scottish fishing town
S 2013 Frozen Solid James Tabor Mad scientists create killer virus at South Pole Station. 2nd line in book `It was the 2nd Monday in Feb. at the South Pole, just past noon & dark' shows that the author did not do the most basic research. Also past-year winter-overs still there just before closing, timezone wrong, divers do not dive alone, etc. Use the google!
N 2013 The Whiteness of the Whale David Poyer Anti-whaling activists in the Antarctic sea
N 2013 The Romanov Cross Robert Masello Army epidemiologist investigates dead bodies-and ghosts-who died in the 1918 Spanish flu on Alaskan island.
N 2013 The Curiosity Stephen P Kiernan Judge who fell overboard into Arctic ocean a century ago is found and revived.
S 2013 The Dying of the Light: Interval Jason Kristopher Second volume of a trilogy about zombies taking over Earth; military tries to rescue scientists stranded in Antarctica
S 2013 The Omega Project Steve Alten Antarctic mission as training for trip to Europa; an AI takes over
S 2013 Chill Factor: Ice Station Zombie 2 J. E. Gurley sequel to 2012 book; zombies at Antarctic base
N 2013 Heart of the Unsung Gary Eddings Sequel to 2012 book
S 2013 Revolution Earth Lambert Nagle Big Oil, Eco-terrorists, and Antarctica
S 2013 Crimes Against Humanity: A1h1w2 Joyce Kovelman Pandemic begins in Antarctica
S 2013 A Voice From the Tomb Ronald Williams Archeology Prof. joins covert govt. operation in Antarctica
S 2013 The Atlas Fracture Tim Queeny US DARPA agent investigates terrorists planning to change Antarctica to create worldwide environmental disaster
S 2013 Ice Storm David Meyer Nasty creature in Antarctica leftover from old Nazi base
S 2013 Hollow Earth Dave and Sharon Oester Cloned Nazis under volcano in Antarctica plan to nuke Earth. Also lost alien city
S 2013 The Atlantis Gene: A Thriller A.C. Riddle Lost Atlantis in Antarctica, ancient aliens, Nazi sub in ice, human evolution
S 2013 The Atlantis Plague: A Thriller A.C. Riddle sequel to above
S 2013 Out of Nowhere Bill Getz Nuclear missiles mysteriously launched from Antarctica
S 2013 Latitude 87.7: An Alex Boudreau Adventure Paul Landes Spy tracks bioweapon to Antarctica
S 2013 Time Ark J. A. Campbell On a frozen Earth in 2309, aliens dump some humans in Antarctica
S 2013 Mastadon: 2.5 Million Years in the Ice William Burr Frozen mastadon and ancient artifacts found in the ice
S 2013 Manner of the Sundog Ted Cabana Long novel about a powerful global organization vs the Intl. Coalition of Scientists that live in Antarctica
S 2013 The Zimmer Insurgency Jason Shannon In 2165, the Commonwealth of Antarctica and other global powers aim to colonie some extrasolar moons.
S 2013 They Came from Beneath the Ice William J Smith Space aliens in form of giant meteorites land in Antarctica. Not promising: book description and first pages are long run on sentences..
N 2013 Flight of the Northern Star James A Jack US vs USSR; airplanes vs subs in 1960s Arctic
S 2013 Breakthrough Michael Grumley scientists communicating with dolphins find something underwater
N 2013 The Glacier Leonard Chepel Russian scientists find hot glacier in Greenland. backcover book description in poor English
N 2013 Arctic Blood James Raven Charter pilot gets involved with murder mystery in Greenland
N 2013 Blizzard Kin Liam Kiernan ``Arctic suspense thriller in gold mining boot camp on Baffin Island''
N 2013 The Sentinel Jeremy Bishop Survivors of a battle between whale hunters and environmental activists meet Viking zombies on a desolate island in the arctic
S 2013 Dark Energy: The Fracture E. R. Sebastian `Dark Energy' = `anti-radiation' reaching Earth through the aurora turns people into murderous monsters (huh?)
S 2013 The Eidlerland Incident Geoffrey Mandragora Steampunk/alternate history; British navy rescue of German Antarctic expedition
S 2013 Murder in the Antarctic Michael Warr Murder on Antarctic cruise
N 2013 Rhapsody of Fate Roy Baldwin Nuclear scientist travels to Arctic
N 2013 The Long Winter Kimberley Alderman Citizens of small remote Alaska town survive after US govt collapse
N 2013 Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter Nikki Jefford Vol 1 of a series about a young vampire hunter in Alaska
N 2013 Polar Bear Dawn Lyle Nicholson Murder in Canadian oil sands
N 2013 Apex Predator Kelvin Kwa Ancient mythological creature awakens under Arctic icecap and battles Navy SEALS and Chinese special forces
S 2014 A Vision of Fire Gillian Anderson & Jeff Rovin Book 1 of Earthend saga. Ancient city found under Antarctica
S 2014 The 6th Extinction James Rollins Around the world thriller, including Antarctica
N 2014 The Greenland Breach Bernard Besson Trans from French; Cli-fi thriller, murder of scientists in Greenland
N 2014 Arctic Kill (Executioner) Don Pendleton White racists and ancient virus in Alaska
N 2014 North of Boston Elisabeth Elo Murder mystery leads to Canadian Arctic
S 2014 Jurassic Dead David Sakmyster & Rick Chesler Thawed dinosaur corpse in Antarctica wakes up.
S 2014 August Ice Dev Bentham Gay diver meets gay scientist in Antarctica
N 2014 Alaana's Way: The Calling Ken Altabef Book 1 of 5; teenage girl becomes a shaman.'Arctic fantasy series with Inuit mythology'
N 2014 Invasion: Alaska Vaugn Heppner In 2032, China invades Alaska for oil
S 2014 The Sons of Perdition Alex Lindsay demons, clones, and ancient secrets in Antarctica.
S 2014 Dead Penguins Tim Lambert British; pharmaceutical research facility off Antarctic coast
S 2014 Storming the Black Ice Don Brown Oil reserves found under Antarctica
N 2014 Extinction Michael J McLaughlin Wooly mammoth researchers in Siberia start dying
S 2014 Ninth Cycle Antarctica J. C. Ryan Archeological thriller set in Antarctica
S 2014 Genetic Bullets J. C. Ryan Sequel to above
S 2014 From the Deep Michael Bray Immense beast rises after earthquake in Antarctica.
S 2014 Pandora Michael Cole American and Russian submarines explore large grey mass underneath the ice in Antarctica
S 2014 The Atlantis World A.C. Riddle Book 3
S 2014 The Kaiser's Navigator Scott Chapman Hundred year old lost ship found near Falkland Islands
S 2014 Past Perfect Al Reynolds Scientist impregnates herself with sperm from a 5000 yr old preserved man's body found in Antarctica.
S 2014 The Depths of Deception Ian Fraser Around the world adventure, including Antarctica.
S 2014 Raven's Run John D Trudel Ex-CIA agent and mystical woman explore conspiracy in Antarctica.
S 2014 Song of Atlantis Brian Power clean energy, Atlantis, and caverns in Antarctica.
S 2014 Gateway to Forever Claude Nougat Cli-fi; 200 yrs in the future, on a globally warmed Earth, the wealthy one-percenters live etended lives in Antarctica
N 2014 The Brothers Cro-Magnum Roger Pepper Cloned mammoths and murderous brothers born from pre-historic sperm in the Siberian Arctic
N 2014 Diamonds in an Arctic Sky Joan Mettauer Diamond smuggling in Canadian arctic
N 2014 Arctic Resolution Lynn Kelling Cop and young ex-con in Alaska
N 2014 Polar Bared Eve Langlais Klutzy girl meets hunky guy who shape-shifts into a polar bear. ``Paranormal Romance''. (There is a lot of this: romance stories with shape-shifting polar bears. Suggestions for icons for this genre?)
N 2014 Hansen's Rock Dan King Incoming meteorite makes an ice tunnel from space to Antarctica
S 2014 Ether Erik Kreffel around the world thriller chasing Russian superweapon, including to Antarctica
N 2014 Frozen Blood Jason Lawson Murderous polar bears and a serial killer on a northern island
S 2014 Finding Dermot Graeme Connell Canadian journalist travels to NZ to interview a man who wintered in Antarctica alone in 1967
N 2014 Pumafish-Abandoned in the Arctic Leif Anders Runaberg Norwegian scientist forced to work at secret Nazi weather station in Spitsbergen is abandoned in 1945
N 2014 Eden Dean Crawford After a natural disaster ends civilization, survivors search for their families deep inside the Arctic circle
S 2014 Iced Axion
S 2015 A Dream of Ice Gillian Anderson & Jeff Rovin Book 2 of Earthend saga.
N 2015 The Sunlit Night Rebecca Dinerstein Young woman and man from NYC meet in Lofoten islands in northern Norway
S 2015 Vostok Steve Alten Giant Mesozoic monsters in Lake Vostok
S 2015 Beneath the Ice Patrick Woodhead Spies, Russians, and a mystery beneath Antarctic subglacial lake (author runs an Antarctic adventure camp)
N 2015 White Plague James Abel Stranded sub and bioterrorism in the Arctic ocean
N 2015 Protocol Zero James Abel Bioterrorism in Barrow, Alaska
S 2015 Our Lady of the Ice Cassandra Rose Clarke On an alternate Earth, people, robots and politicians scheme in a domed city in Argentine Antarctica
N 2015 Zodiac Station Tom Harper Murder at an Arctic research station.
N 2015 Diamond Hunter Madelle Morgan Romance novel; diamond smugglers at Arctic mine
N 2015 A Perfect Ambition Kevin Leman & Jeff Nesbit U.S politics and oil spill in the Arctic; Christian publiher
S 2015 Polar Yeti & the Beasts of Prehistory Matthew Dennion Team searching for lost tribe finds ice age beasts and a 20 foot Yeti. 'Antartica' misspelled on back cover.
S 2015 Beneath the Mantle Ahimsa Kerp Antarctic cruise ship gets trapped in ice, people find lost world.
N 2015 Polar Day Julia Flanders Arson and vampires in Fairbanks, AK
S 2015 The Ice War Anders Blixt Dieselpunk alternate history, in 1940, Europeans meet ursines in Antarctica
N 2015 Trident Code Thomas Waite Cyberthriller in Arctic
S 2015 Ice Kevin Tinto Archeologist discovers that Anasazi were kidnapped by aliens and brought to Antarctica 8 centuries ago. Evil govt officials and Russians in pursuit. Tiresome stereotype that she is tearful on almost every appearance in the novel.
N 2015 Arctic Love T T Kove Paperback compilation of 4 e-novellas; Polar Nights, Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, and White Nights. Gay romance in Svalbard and Russia
S 2015 Tilt Max Oberon AUS; "a climate change ecothriller conspiracy about mining in Antarctica"
N 2015 Black Ice: The 66 Degree Conspiracy Max Morgan Norwegian policeman and Arctic oil conspiracy
S 2015 Stench of the Word Paul Majkut Alternate history with a Nazi colony in Antarctica
S 2015 Exoskeleton II: Tympanum Shane Stadler spies, occult, and Nazis in Antarctica
S 2015 The Mummies of the Reich K. M. Ashman Nazis base in Antarctica.
S 2015 Ice Station Wolfenstein P. W. Child
N/S 2015 The Black Knight Dean Crawford Mysterious signal from space; aliens, Nazis, Arctic and Antarctica
N 2015 The White Robert Forrester Beast attacks scientists and tourists in the Arctic
N 2015 Creatures of the Clan Doug & Linda Goodman Aliens, monsters, or govt soldiers in Alaska
N 2015 Arctic Warriors Ken Bangs US vs USSR in Cold War Alaska
S 2015 Fifth Sunset Samson Soledad Antarctic expedition finds clues to human origins
S 2015 The Shackleton Affair Michael J Gill Ex-MI6 spy searches for stolen Shackleton artifacts and discovers govt conspiracy
S 2015 Extinction: O Negative Hamish Cantillon British scientist missing in Antarctica
S 2015 The Elder Ice David Hambling Polar explorer finds something alien; 'draws on Shackleton and HP Lovecraft'
S 2015 Ticket to Antarctica Frank Lean Part I: Hitler in Exile; Alternative history
S 2015 The Foundation Vault Lee Herrick cousins on a quest end up in Antarctica
N 2015 Chill Factor Christopher Knopf Monkeys at polar research lab act strange
N 2015 Eaten Susan Crockford In 2025, polar bears start eating people in Newfoundland
N 2015 Ice (1/2986) Annelie Wendeberg Vol 3 of a Cli-fi series of dystopian Earth; people and sled-dogs race across Arctic
N 2015 The Laptev Virus Christy Esmahan Oil drillers in the Arctic release a lethal megavirus from a permafrost ice core.
N 2015 Nunavut: An Arctic Thriller Roger Herst Global warming opens up mineral exploration in Northeastern Canada
N 2015 Landfall John McWilliams 30 year old space capsule found in Canada
N 2015 Arctic Bound Tigris Eden In small town Alaska, ``Multicultural Paranormal Romance & Light BDSM'
S 2015 DMSR Series K. D. Nielson Spaceship with murderous aliens crashes in Antarctica
N 2016 Good Morning, Midnight Lily Brooks-Dalton After an apocalypse, an old astronomer in the Arctic and a stranded astronaut
S 2016 Kraken Rising Greig Beck AUS; sequel to Beneath the Dark Ice (2010)
S 2016 The Sound of Seas Gillian Anderson & Jeff Rovin Book 3 of Earthend saga.
S 2016 Atomic Rex: Wrath of the Polar Yeti Matthew Dennion Sequel to 2015; Kaiju and Yetis in Antarctica
N 2016 Stranded Bracken MacLeod Illegal whalers pursue scientists on Antarctic island
S 2016 The Killing Ship Simon Beaufort Fog, ghosts, and illness strike ship frozen in the Antarctic ice
N 2016 Ice Station Nautilus Rick Campbell US and Russian subs collide under the arctic ice cap
S 2016 Beyond the Ice Limit Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child sequel to Ice Limit.
S 2016 The Lamentations of Zeno Ilija Trojanow trans. from German. Glaciologist working on Antarctic cruise ship.
S 2016 Fragment Craig Russell Large ice sheet breaks off from Antarctica. Politics among humans, and a blue whale tries to warn fellow whales of the danger
S 2016 Megalodon: Apex Predator S J Larsson Secret expedition to Antarctica meets 60 foot ocean predator
S 2016 The Antarcticans James Suriano Desperate parents make a deal with Lucifer to save their son; end up in futuristic Antarctic base
N 2016 Dark Voyage Helen Susan Swift Horror story set on Arctic ship in 1914
N 2016 This Hollow Earth Geoff Lewinton University lecturer finds great-grandpa's journal, retraces his trip to the North Pole, and is captured by advanced beings in the hollow Earth
N 2016 Arctic Night Alexis Miller Illegal weapons, nuclear waste, and Arctic shipping
S 2016 Frozen Brush J Misha Dunn Serial murder at McMurdo station
S 2016 The Ice Sean Duke Serial murderer at McMurdo station. Kind of a downer...
S 2016 Heller's Tale David Pablo Corn Antarctic novella
S 2016 Seeds: A William Horner Conflict Allan V Cotter Thriller on Antarctic base
S 2016 Frozen Roots Ernest Oglesby Drilling and vampires in Antarctica
S 2016 Ice Rift BenHammott Ice rift in melting Antarctic reveals alien spaceship. Book 1
S 2016 Maid for the South Pole Demelza Carlton AUS, Meteorologist meets penguin biologist at Davis Station, Antarctica
S 2016 Nikki White: Polar Extremes Jack Chaucer YA, Women works in Antarctica to train for mission to Mars
S 2016 Ice Lords Grayson Taylor Coast Guard & scientists in Antarctica vs evil Ice Lords
S 2016 The Gods of Eden & Operation High Jump Moshe Mazin Nazi base in Antarctica, ancient aliens
S 2016 Protocol 7 Armen Gharabegian Oxford Professor searches for father in Antarctica.
N 2016 Megalodon: Feeding Frenzy J E Gurley Arctic deep sea frackers break through undersea cave and release a prehistoric giant shark
N 2016 White Out T. N. Mykytiuk Artifact under arctic ice
S 2016 The Ice Chasm Nick Thacker Artifical Intelligence in Antarctica
N 2016 Myth Makers Deborah Tillery Native woman and artist travel across the Canadian Arctic
N 2017 Seconds to Midnight Philip Donlay Russians chase solar scientists in remote Arctic
S 2017 From the Ice They Came Eric S Brown & N X Sharps Monsters in Antarctica
S 2017 Antarctica: A Kaiju Thriller Eric S Brown Body of massive creature frozen in Antarctic ice
S 2017 Anomaly Hugo Navikov Alien spaceship buried in Antarctic ice shelf
S 2017 Subhuman Michael McBride Ruins of lost civilization found in Antarctica; ancient organisms awake and mix into human DNA
S 2017 Operation Antarctica William Meikle Weapon in old Nazi base in Antarctica.
S 2017 The Winter Over Matthew Iden Death at the South Pole station
N 2017 Arctic Gauntlet DJ Goodman Cruise ship in Arctic encounters sea monsters
N 2017 The Forever Spy Jeffrey Layton Oil spill deep in Arctic ocean
S 2017 Days of Night Jonathan Stone Murder at cut-off McMurdo Station
S 2017 Dr Do-or-Die Lara Lacomb Dr meets her ex at remove Antarctic base
N 2017 Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas Terry Spear Romance writer gets bit and turns into an Arctic werewolf
S 2017 Ice Rift-Salvage Ben Hammott Alien spaceship embedded in separated Antarctic iceberg drifts north. Book 2
S 2017 Icy Passage Ann Gimpel Paranormal doctor meets biologist with shape-shifting archaea in Antarctica
N 2017 The Arctic Tradition A Machin-Taylor Chasing illegal arms across the Arctic
N 2017 NORTH: The Last Great Race Joan Mettauer Iditarod race. Sequel to 'Diamonds in an Arctic Sky
S 2017 Ishtaq: The Second Vial Thomas Fournier Alien organism trapped under ice in Antarctica
S 2017 Cold Cuts Robert Payne Cabeen Cold war nuclear reactor irradiates Antarctica and creates mutants
S 2017 Crises on the Ice Scott McPherson Discovery in Antarctica
S 2017 Attacked Beneath Antarctica Dave Robinson Ancient evil under Lake Vostok in Antarctica. And aliens, Nazies, etc.
S 2017 Sub Zero Larry LaVoie Russia breaks Antarctic treaty, holds scientists captive at Vostok station>
N 2017 Impact Point Simon Rosser (Kindle version 2014)
S 2017 Melt Zone Simon Rosser Climatologists find structure under Antarctic ice (Kindle version 2014)
S 2017 Den of the Man Giants Paris Tosen Giant aliens in stasis found in Antarctica
S 2017 Conjurer Down Benjamin R Webb "Royal Navy vs the Ice"
N 2017 Last Entry Rick Will Professor and students on archeological trip in Northwest Territories
S 2017 Transcendence John McWilliams Scientists conducting time-messaging experiment at the South Pole receive a message from the future. Sequel to Landfall (2015).
N 2017 The Ice Star Christoffer Petersen Murder mystery in Greenland; Book 1 of Konstabel Fenna Brongaard series
S 2017 A Spider Sat Beside Her K.E. Lanning Grad student studying Antarctic ice from Space Station when terrorists attack
N 2018 Blackfish City Sam J Miller A floating city in the Arctic Circle
S 2018 Forsaken Michael McBride Sequel to Subhuman (2017)
N 2018 Arctic Gambit Larry Bond US submarine torpedoed by Russia in Arctic
N 2018 Into the Fire Larry Bond Military sci-fi thriller, crash survivors in Arctic
N 2018 Flight of the White Wolf Terry Spear Arctic werewolves in the Arctic Circle
S 2018 Melt Lisa Walker TV producer working in Antarctica
S 2018 Austral Paul McAuley Antarctica peninsula is colonized after ice melts
S 2018 The Ice Maiden Sara Sheridan Widow stranded on Deception Island stows away on British ship disguised as a boy
S 2018 The Sting of the Bee K.E. Lanning After global warming melted the ice caps, people claim land in Antarctica
N 2018 Cobra Flight Rick Grant Pilots trying to escape across Arctic ocean
N 2018 Seven Graves One Winter Christoffer Petersen Retired Constable in Greenland; Book 1 of the Greenland Crime series
N 2018 Northern Light Christoffer Petersen Searching for assassins in central Iceland
N 2018 Blood Floe Christoffer Petersen Retired Constable in Greenland searches for lost journal of Alfred Wegener; Greenland Crime series
N 2018 The Stranger on the Ice Bernadette Calonego Canadian tour guide searches to understand what happened to her mother, who died during a Arctic expedition. (Pub. in German in 2016).
S 2018 The Emerald Cave James B McPike Around the world search for the Grail ends in military base in Antarctica. `Christian thriller'
S 2018 Vostok Darwin Little NASA finds magnetic anomaly under Lake Vostok
S 2018 Islands in the Sky Michel Savage Ancient relic found in Antarctica
S 2018 Ice Genesis Kevin Tinto Sequel to Ice (2015)
S 2018 The Last Outpost Hannah Ross Lost indigenous tribe found in Antarctica
S 2018 The Ice Fortress Hannah Ross Sequel to above; giant pterosaurs found in Antarctica
S 2018 Icy Passage Ann Gimpel Woman with magic powers in Antarctica
N 2018 The Sphere Conflict Joseph Arbour Canadian scientist works to develop fusion power

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