Quantum Physics Laboratory BC 3086y

The 3.0 pt lab-based course PHY BC3086y is tailored to complement PHY BC3006 lectures. Students will be asked to perform 4 experiments during the term. Lab manuals will be handed out prior to the lab sessions. Lectures related to the labs will be given during normal class hours. Students will have access to the labs for a period of 2 weeks. They complete the experiment at their leisure. Reports are due at noon on the days noted.

Laboratory TA:

Britt Reichborn-Kjennerud (email: britt"at"phys.columbia.edu)

Please contact Britt by email if you have any questions about the lab.

Lab Report Due Dates (at noon):

Feb 10: Lab 1 (The Photoelectric Effect: Quantum Photons & h/e Measurement)

Mar 03: Lab 2 (Hydrogen spectra: Balmer Series & Bohr-Sommerfeld Model)

Apr 07: Lab 3 (The Frank-Hertz Experiment)

Apr 28: Lab 4 (Electron Diffreaction Phenomenon)